Thursday, July 30, 2009

Jonas Brothers appearance at the Campbell's Field

Last Friday, I got the opportunity to go over to the Riversharks at Campbell's Field with a couple hundred screaming girls to cheer on the Jonas Brothers. They had a softball game at the stadium with the team from the Marquis Jets, a high end private jet company who is one of their concert sponsors. The Jonas Brothers' team, called the Road Dogs, unfortunately did not win this game. But not to worry, whether the guys hit a home run or struck out-there was no loosing with their fans!

It was a free event and was only promoted using Twitter. Oh, the new found power of Twitter. 3 days prior to this event, they posted it on their account. By Friday morning, fans started lining up at 6am for the 12noon softball game.

It was fun to watch the game, but I have to say, I had more fun watching these girls so excited to be there watching them. Glad they made a point to come over the Delaware River to Camden during their concert tour. This game provided them not only an outlet for them to enjoy a favorite pasttime in a great SJ venue but also a free event for their fans.

Pretty sure the Riversharks staff never witnessed so many screaming girls in their baseball stadium as when the Jonas Brothers took to the field.

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